The Center for Social Services Ptuj

The Center for Social Services (CSD) Ptuj is the primary holder of activities in the field of prevention work in the following municipalities:
  • MO Ptuj,
  • Hajdina,
  • Markovci,
  • Gorišnica,
  • Dornava,
  • Kidričevo,
  • Destrnik,
  • Trnovska vas,
  • Sv. Andraž v Sl. goricah,
  • Juršinci,
  • Videm,
  • Zavrč,
  • Podlehnik,
  • Žetale,
  • Majšperk
  • Cirkulane.
The CSD Ptuj encourages and coordinates different non-governmental organisations in all fields concerning psychology and sociology.

The Center for Social Services (CSD) Ptuj helps individuals, families and special groups of people in their search for finding solutions for stressful and problematic situations. This is in accordance to laws and regulations established by the Republic of Slovenia, which guarantee services and measures in dealing with psychological, social and economic needs.

Our tasks include:
  • Welfare of children and family
    • Permission of marriage
    • Acknowledgment of paternity
    • Divorce or a break up of out of wedlock community
    • Relationships in the family
    • Actions of the centre for social work
  • Children s welfare
    • Foster care
    • Adoption
    • Guardianship
    • Dealing with children extra judicially
    • Dealing with minors in a legal procedure
  • Welfare of adults
    • Dealing with criminal offenders
    • Guardinaship
    • Disability claim
    • Excercising the right to choose family assistant
    • Dealing with elderly
    • Dealing with people with troubles
  • Exemption of payment of a service
    • Home assistance
  • Financial social assistance
  • Parental protection and family benefits
    • Family benefits in general
    • Child allowance
    • Parental allowance
    • Assistance for a new born child
    • Allowance for nursing
    • Large family allowance
    • Partial payment for lost income
    • Parental protection
  • Coordination
    • Local coordination
    • Regional coordination
  • Coordinators
    • For protection of violence
  • Services
    • Social prevention
    • First social assistance
    • Personal assistance
    • Assistance to a family for a home
    • Social provision at home
    • Guadance, care and employment under special conditions
  • Programmes
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